April 11, 2023

A new urgency

We are living through unprecedented times; there is no playbook, no manual, no faqs.

We are living through unprecedented times, there is no playbook, no manual, no faqs.

No-one knows what will happen, what we do know is that this is not a time where everything will remain normal. The world will be permanently different after CoronaVirus. How different we don’t know yet, all that we know is what is right in front of us.

Like everyone we have been reading every report out there, speaking to all of our clients both past, present and future, colleagues, friends and family.

We are seeing three key trends:

  1. A step-change in JFDI attitude in every business we have spoken to. Necessity is the mother of all invention and that has never been more true. A global client told us yesterday that for 6 months they have been trying to migrate to Teams, but IT protocol, corporate governance and bureaucracy has meant nothing had moved. CoronaVirus hits and it gets done in 8 days. Companies and their people are breaking through barriers to get shit done, this is happening everywhere. The question is how might we ride this wave and transform our businesses to win in this crazy new normal.|
  2. The consumer market has never been more accepting of change and invention. In these extraordinary times consumers are looking for new ways to live their lives. They want to engage with the brands they love but in the context of the ‘new normal’. Consumers have never been more forgiving and accepting when it comes to ideas. We have a unique opportunity to get new services out there quickly, ones that might be rushed, might not deliver the Apple like user experience, might be buggy and yet drives huge engagement and brand loyalty.
  3. There is a lot of content getting pumped out there at the moment. We are getting inundated with emails from consultancies who are all of a sudden experts in remote working, Daily from 100’s of companies telling me their COVID action plans - I don’t care. Brands are doing some nice campaigns and comms - Levis have launched a nice at home concert series - but there is a discrete lack of service, product and utility in what is coming out from companies. This has created a huge gap the companies can lean into, meet customer needs and win their hearts and minds.

Bring it forward.

When it comes to initiative roadmaps the default position is push it back. Already these initiatives are 3 - 6 months out, does pushing them out to 9 months out make sense? We think the world changed fast before, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

We are working with our partners to bring it forward. A strategy that looks at the roadmap, keeps the initiatives but throws away the dates. All initiatives are created to deliver on a customer need, __if that need still exists then lets get it to them as fast as possible. __

Re-frame the challenge for this new day and age - How might we take this initiative, make it digital only, bring to market in 3 weeks, not 3 months.

Tap into the new JFDI mentality in your organisation, ride the wave of customer acceptance and cut through the noise with service and utility not comms.